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WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is the most effective pitchman these days as he drums up interest in the medical insurance markets opening for business of the insurance industry. Allowinga report by health Care for America Now, America's five biggest for profit medical insurance companies finished 2009 using a combined gain of $12.2 billion. The top executives in America in the five largest for profit insurance firms that are medical united to bring in almost $200 million in total damages for 2009. Itis a healthcare fact, your costs are going as much as ensure that gains are going up. ObamaCare can only realize this much to safeguard your rights. The facts are clear.

Health plans cover a large proportion of the cost of the treatments which are not cheap, Consumers as well as the health system need to produce the considerable cost through higher premiums, out-of-pocket costs, or a mix of the two. For bending the cost curve on health care spending, when he credited the health care law Obama greatly exaggerated. Here are six facts on small business medical insurance.

It took you three months to be approved" for long term disability insurance through......of course, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. One of the stipulations of your disability is the very fact that you keep contact using a case manager who is interested in your well-being and only interested in when you will soon be qualified for full Social Security disability. Your insurance company actually called in the following day of your work to learn why you had not had the baby yet.

As a miniature company owner, I've to purchase your own insurance and that you pay over twice what Senator Shelby does for his entire family to get just one man in good health. While you told each physician's office you phoned that I'd pay the invoice in cash, not one of the physicians would see you because you didn't have health insurance. In a health care system that is public, from taking a look at your medical records, what is likely to keep federal bureaucrats. But getting that insurance may be quite the feat.

From the growth in insolvency and private debt, to the ever-increasing expenses of health care, to the ever-growing profits of the health care corporations, the US health care system is spiraling out of control. President Obama's healthcare reform efforts under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare or ACA) takes big steps towards ensuring Americans get a fair shake with respect to their particular rights to medical care. Although insurance is regulated by ObamaCare the bill is imperfect.

Affordable Care Act, the recent thrust of the ACA, is expecting to make sweeping changes here by appearing without sending them into poverty, to raise the general wellbeing of the country 's people and covering more people. It may also ensure they're focusing on treating the patient rather than worrying about wellness and payment insurance. No, representatives from the pharmaceutical sector together with the medical insurance sector mainly wrote in fact Obamacare.

He opposed a mandate forcing individuals to acquire health insurance until he changed his mind and won office. THE FACTS: Republicans aren't suggesting to throw out all regulations As zealous as they sound in the topic. EDITOR's NOTEAn occasional look at just how well they stick to the facts and statements by political candidates. Potter said Wall St. drives the insurance companies. Produce a thorough inventory of your premises.

Experts say the economy that is down is the overwhelming reason that national healthcare spending is growing at slow speeds recently. Rand Paul erroneously claimed that everybody is going to pay more" for health insurance under the law. Cruz: Only a couple weeks past UPS sent a letter to some 15,000 employees saying: we're dropping spousal health insurance because of ObamaCare. The union doesn't have an issue with the health care law, nevertheless. Hiscox even offers an on-line calculator.

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