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In the event you're curious about what you used to do as a PR man for the medical insurance business, how you frequently chose facts and figures and distorted them to improve a particular political or financial plan, take a peek in the actions of some members of Congress last week. All they look to hear about are death panels, when treatment will stop for authorities and old folks take over of the healthcare system, well-beingTax payer funded abortions . Just like they did when Bill and Hilary Clinton tried to reform back medical care in the 1990's. It could be for those who's company based insurance is too expensive or people who are not covered by their occupation. That is by no means a government takeover of the health care system.

Victor is famous about any insurance plans and any insurance company. Victor is insurance guider and he would like to help everyone. The rule mandates that 80 percent of an insurance companies becoming must be put back into medical services and not the paid back to the corporation or shareMedicare was considered a lifeline and safety net for seniors who wanted health care after they retired and was created almost 50 years past. You can do this, too, with insurance on your fixer-upper.

Companies can plow all of the rebate cash, like the workers' share, back to the company's health plan, or pass along part of it. The government says some 4 million individuals who are not undue rebates live in families that purchased coverage directly through an employer, not from an insurance carrier, and specialists say those homes will likely function as check that is likely to get a rebate. They may not like the facts, however they are just that: the facts. Medical insurance is not

In his speech defending his healthcare law Thursday, Obama said rebates averaging $100 are coming from insurance companies to 8.5 million Americans. Obama danced about that reality in comments that also attributed difficulties in creating affordable insurance marketplaces on political opponents, glossing over complex impediments also confronted in states that support the law. The price of an insurance strategy is not centered on well-being status.

Primarily, insurance companies AREN'T a part of the health care sector...they are part of the Business World/Insurance Industry. Any health care system that calls for gain as a reason for existing can not be reformed; the hospital corporations, the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies and the attorneys all are going to choose when the motivation is profit as much as they can. Another was an insurance whistleblower, Wendel Potter.

Anyway, any American who's suspicious about national health insurance but has an open mind should keep reading this testimonial from another American who is currently residing in a nation with national heath insurance -- Britain. The British National Health Service was made soon after the 2Nd World War, when everyone started to realize what a mess the system of private and municipal insurance was. A study earlier this week, the health insurance firms released takes liberties that are not dissimilar.

Wolf Blitzer and the Brianna Keilar of cNN did some fact checking account and found the girl in the ad had insurance when it closed after her husband, Joe Soptic, lost his job at GST Steel - Romney left two years after Bain. Keilar said the wife of Soptic had insurance until 2003 or 2002an injury forced her to leave her job. A massive border of living here is the National Health Service.

The law's penalties on employers who do not provide health insurance might induce some businesses to hire fewer low-wage workers or to hire more part timers instead of full time employees, the budget office said. Aside from other disinterested parties that study the law together with the budget office, each side in the argument uses research sponsored by interest groups slanted, to buttress its case.

THE FACTS: Obama is right that max and trade was a Republican thought -- first put in place to control sulfur dioxide emissions, or acid rain . Many Republicans into the 1990s, along with in some instances supported the belief of needing people to possess health insurance worldwide coverage should work even if they and Democrats differed. Cost increasesbeing driven by spending on private health care. The health insurance businesses say the Affordable Care Act , and U.S. President Barack Obama's regular changes to it, is to attribute.

The data shows general business health insurance having a concentration on small-scale companies who make up 82% ofUS companies. The 23-page eBook analyzes why more than 2.3 million small businesses don't offer group health insurance to workers, and how health care reform affects the employer health insurance landscape. But health insurance plans that are special will not have any guarantee of security that is ironclad.

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