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The "Obama Assertions" are quotes taken from your transcript of Obama's speech The "Facts" are from the AP article. Worse, based on the NCHC ( National Coalition on health Care ), the typical employee contribution to company-provided health insurance has increased more than 120% since 2000. Though Republicans like Senator Shelby insist that America has the very best health care system on the planet, the facts show that that the United States has one of the worst health care systems of all the developed nations on the planet. And you need obammy rationing health care.

It is common for insurance companies to get hospitals to knock down their invoices by up to 95 percent, but if you are not insured or you do not understand how the system works then you're out of luck. Learn more about uninsured Americans from the Kaiser Family Foundation (one of the most effective resources on health care reform) and how ObamaCare helps. There are some positive things you are able to do that beginning with you if you're upset by the healthcare facts. These figures support Sebelius.

However a dearth of competition among insurance companies would frustrate another crucial goal for President Barack Obama's signature health care reform law. Before the insurance exchanges launching, one or two firms in 45 states commanded more than half the market for those who purchase coverage on their own rather than get it from their employers, according to a report printed by the American Medical Association in November.

Has it neglected to produce it on to your radar screens that: a) their health system is a joke, given the ratio of costs to benefits, b) that congress is comically and exceptionally polarized in an extremely irrational fashion, and that the undeniable fact that they were able to produce ANY advancement in that environment is nothing short of a wonder, and c) given that legislative environment, yes - an imperfect law was passed. Nonetheless, this does not make them get the insurance cover.

Obama has stated that the United States should continue it's tradition of "not funding abortions as part of government-funded health care." Current laws prohibiting public financing of abortion would remain on the books. Yet abortion guidelines are unclear for the government- insurance exchange that is supervised. There you've got it, the most common myths about health care the real truth about reform and reform.

Anybody who asserts that that government sponsored health care is not cheap has to face the facts. And with that those who aren't satisfied with government-paid care are perfectly free to spend what they have left over on treatment and exactly the same insurance they do now. THE FACTS: Nothing in the law means that they can be now kept by folks happy with their policies.

Overall health care spending - which comprises private spending on services not covered by Medicare (e.g. prescription drugs, dental, home care...) - is growing at a higher speed and is now at 12% of GDP. Certainly a public, single-payer system is a very good way of controlling health care costs. And what's wanted is more single payer public insurance and less private insurance. The Facts: Public health care is the most effective approach to control health care spending.

The key cost drivers in health care services are the private, forprofit components - pharmaceuticals, dental, diagnostic tests as well as other non-insured services. The Myth: The expense of health care crowding out other services and is eating up all the provincial budgets. The Facts: as it did, Medicare spending takes up about exactly the same share of provincial sales. The issue is the fall in earnings in provincial budgets, not uncontrolled medical care spending.

They have been capable to pullwho might choose to benefit a small business - or start a business in their own - but decide against it just as a result of health insurance. And in a system like ours in which millions of men and women every year lose their health insurance when they get laid off, huge companies to a large extent have become the greatest deciders as it pertains to who will likely be able to keep their health insurance and who'll lose it.

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