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The main victim in the medical care argument so far seems to be the truth. WASHINGTON -- outright distortions have animated the national debate over changes in the healthcare system and Confusing claims. Any do not. The AFL CIO, whose member unions had supported the law, now says it's being enforced in a sense that is "tremendously disruptive" to some union health plans, driving up costs for these strategies to a point that workers and companies must abandon them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of men and women working part-time involuntarily -- because of slack work or business conditions or because they can't find full-time jobs -- was 7.9 million in August.

In the event you're lucky enough to be a part of a huge insurance plan given by a massive entity with a lot of negotiating leverage (such as the federal government), you pay low rates and low costs. Along with the National Health Service, the UK even offers private insurers, which about 10% of the population choose to use. You will get help if you don't make much to begin with.

THE FACTS: The tax increases fall heavily on upper-income individuals, health insurance companies, drug makers and medical device producers. People who fail to obtain health insurance as required from the law will face a tax penalty, although because the great majority of Americans have many who don't and insurance, that's expected to hit comparatively few will end up getting it. Also, a 10 percent tax was levied on tanning bed use included in the healthcare law. Take car insurance.

All they seem to hear about are death panels, when treatment will cease for old folks and government take over of the health care system, health insurance tax payer financed abortions, for illegal immigrants. Just like they did when Hilary and Bill Clinton attempted to reform medical care in the 1990's. It could be for people who aren't covered by their job or those who is company based insurance is not too cheap. That is certainly not a government takeover of the health care system.

More than 3000 members of the FiftyUp Club have previously answered their 2-minute Health Insurance Survey to help them unearth some sorely -needed Facts about premium increases for the over-50s. If you haven't completed the survey yet, simply click here and log-in to play with your part in showing some FiftyUp Facts on Health Insurance costs. So, here 's an interesting little story about parliamentary processes that are obscure.

Just in case you have not discovered, health insurance companies all over the United States have announced that they're going to increase premiums significantly due to the new law. In case you are looking for a legal strategy to empty massive levels of money from average Americans simply become a healthcare business executive. Health care has become perhaps the greatest money making scam in the United States.

That follows the latest report in the Altarum Institute warning that year over year, health care prices continue to grow. Skyrocketing costs will continue to pose a significant danger to affordability, although health plans are working to drive value in the healthcare system. Anticompetitive mergers between health care providers can send prices up 50 percent or 40 percent higher in certain events.

Rather than going to the doctor regularly for checkups, individuals wait until they have serious health conditions to seek help, simply because they can not manage to go. By offering medical services that are free or more low-cost, it could encourage patients to go to the doctor more often when they are still relatively small and better to treat, for them to treat problems. Another one of the items that universal health care might assist with is patients that have preexisting conditions.

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